Priority Residential Services

          Whether you leave your Coachella Valley home for a week or for the season there are things that need to be dealt with, checked on and made ready for your return. That is what we do.

           While you are away gaskets and seals in your plumbing can dry out and crack. Palm fronds can fall and break a window. We can make sure your Pool and Garden service are making their scheduled rounds. We can take care of those indoor plants, collect your mail, maintain an aquarium and any other items that need attention while you are away. That is what we do.

            While you are away you can be assured that your Desert home is being looked after and maintained the way you want it to be. We can be at your home as often as every day or just once a week, depending on what you need. Every home is different and we will be happy to tailor a schedule that fits your home perfectly.

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